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Four Directions

“In 1985, I participated in a vision quest to the Southwest. I was living at the time in Lenox, Massachusetts. It was to be the first step of a transition I would make to relocating from the east coast to the Southwest.

On the vision quest lead by Joan Halifax, in different settings, we individually went out into the wilderness desert to build a medicine wheel, honoring our ancestors and the directions. We spent a day and a night fasting within our constructed circle in a remote area of our choosing. We spent our time in prayer and contemplation.

Later in 1985, I traveled to the Yucatan with a group to prepare for the upcoming 1987 Harmonic Convergence. The information coming forth about the connections with the Mayan culture and the Southwestern indigenous ancestry shifted my understanding of the sacredness of the entire region.

Upon returning to the Berkshires, I was inspired to paint my memory of the four directions of my experience.”